A history filled with great passions

Ever since its foundation in 1968 Franchini Acciai is well known for high quality forgings and excellent customer service.

Over the last decades the Company has continuously improved its manufacturing processes and constantly developed innovative solutions in order to meet the growing requirements of the global market.

The outstanding product quality has allowed Franchini Acciai to further strengthen its world leadership and to constantly develop new strategic markets.


  • foundation

    1968 - Foundation of Forgiatura Bresciana (current Group Holding Company) and construction of production facility in Mairano (BS).

    1969 - 1.200 tons press installation

  • the '70s

    1973 - Purchase of a 3 tons manipulator

    1975 - Production facility enlargement in Mairano with a new area in the existing plant

    1978 - Opening of new machine shop and offices in Flero (BS)

  • the '80s

    1980 - Foundation of Franchini Acciai SpA

    1983 - 3.500 tons press installation in the facility of Mairano (BS)

    1987 - Purchase of a 16 t manipulator

  • the '90s

    1992 - Receipt of ISO 9000 certification

    1995 - New buildings and offices in Mairano (BS)

    1999 - Installation of a 2.500 tons automatic press with an integrated 18 tons manipulator

  • the 2000s

    2000 - Design and installation of first Heat Stability Testing machine

    2002 - Purchase of a new 32 tons manipulator

    2003 - Construction of new buildings and offices in Mairano (BS)

    2004 - 3.500 tons press renovation and upgrade

    2006 - Purchase of a 50 tons rail-bound manipulator

    2008 - Enlargement of the production facility in Mairano

    2009 - Installation of an 8.000 tons press along with an integrated 250 tons manipulator. Purchase of two additional manipulators: 50 tons and 20 tons

    2011 - Certification according to ASME section III NCA 3800 (material organization).

  • the present

    2012 - Purchase of a 100 tons manipulator.

    Ever since 2012 a constant enhancement of the production capacity has taken place, increasing from 50.000 to 100.000 tons per year along with the capability of producing a more sophisticated range of open-die forgings. The current expansion is covering an area of 120.000 sqm (of which 30.000 sqm are covered) close to the current production facility in Mairano and will include the implementation of brand new and state of the art machine tools. In addition we are investing in Human Resources and know-how.